Internationale Fortælledage

Serap Guven

Turkish storyteller Serap Guven has lived in Belgium for 14 years, where she has cultivated her passion for telling stories from her Turkish homeland. She has been a professional actress since the early nineties and a few years ago created her first professional storytelling piece, ‘Stories of Nasruddin Hodja’, which won the Chiny’s Storytelling competition in 2004. She has made many journeys to Central Asia and Mongolia with her husband, a documentary film-maker. www.serap-guven.com

Dominic Kelly

Dominic is a contemporary performance storyteller whose dynamic, engaging style has captivated audiences in theatres, festivals and schools across the UK and around the world.

Dominic has helped thousands of young people find their voice as storytellers, and has trained hundreds of professionals in education and heritage on using storytelling in their work.

"A master storyteller" BBC Radio

“Breathless and Enthralling” The Hindu


Vigga Bro

Vigga Bro er kendt og elsket rundt om i hele Danmark som historiefortæller og skuespiller. Hun åbner Internationale Fortælledage. Fortæller på dansk under festivalen.

Celebrated danish actress and storyteller Vigga Bro opens the Storytelling Days. Performing danish. 


Marilyn Mazur

Internationally acclaimed composer, bandleader, percussionist. Born 1955 in New York, living in Denmark since 1961. Active in the 70’ies as a dancer, composer and pianist, Marilyn switched to percussion and drums as her main instruments when she was 19. Since then she has been active as a composer, bandleader and musician in a vast number of connections.She has been a member of the orchestras of i.e. Miles Davis(1985-89), Wayne Shorter(1987) and Jan Garbarek(1991-2005) and has won many awards for her groundbreaking work.


Lise Marie Seidelin Nedergaard

Storyteller at the Tinderbox, Odense City Museums. The Tinderbox Culture House supports the art of storytelling through school programs, workshops and events in the City Museums.


Raphael Rodan,

Israelian born storyteller, actor and workshop leader currently living in Amsterdam."Growing up surrounded by stories of war, separation and the demonization of the other, my aim as a teacher, workshop leader and performer is to use the power of stories for the opposite, namely to bring people together in the search for our shared humanity" Rodan says.

"Captivating Storytelling, Rodan delivers with compassion and briliance." BroadwayBaby


Outstanding egyptian storyteller and actress, Chirine el Ansary, has performed in Europe, USA, Africa and within the Arab World. "I am fascinated by the power of the precise word combined with a simple gesture in conveying clear images and pure emotions," she says. Chirine has led workshops in performance and storytelling in various communities for extremely diverse groups; from teenagers and young adults in the Egyptian Oasis, to public school teachers in Alexandria and professional actors in Syria and the UK. http://hekayet.com/chirin.htm