Internationale Fortælledage

Award winning American storyteller and writer Laura Simms is based in New York and has performed as diverse places as the Barbican Theater in London, The Khan Theatre in Jerusalem and jungle villages in the Phillippines. As a spokesperson for storytelling, she makes keynote speeches and workshops at conferences and universities around the World. Laura Simms has won the Sesame Street’s Sunny Days award for her work with children, teachers and Ngo's in conflict zones, struck by war and disasters. She is the artistic leader of the H. C. Andersen Storytelling Centre in New York, and has organized storytelling sessions in front the HCA statue in Central Park for the past twenty years. www.laurasimms.com

Niall de Burca

Niall de Burca is one of Ireland’s finest storytellers. He has featured in theatre, radio and performed at festivals all over the world - from Tehran to Argentina. Niall spent many years living in New Zealand. His life as a modern emigrant and experiences with the Maori culture have melted together with his deep insight in traditional Irish storytelling into a unique performance style. If you have missed his earlier visits to Denmark, do not miss this one! www.facebook.com/storyteller.ie

Vigga Bro

Vigga Bro er kendt og elsket rundt om i hele Danmark som historiefortæller og skuespiller. Hun åbner Internationale Fortælledage. Fortæller på dansk under festivalen. www.vigga.dk

Ragnhild A. Mørch

Norwegian storyteller and actor Ragnhild A. Mørch has studied theater, storytelling and pantomime in England and Norway. She is the director of the new Art of Storytelling Education at Universität der Künste in Berlin.  www.ramorch.com