Internationale Fortælledage

Jesper la Cour

Award winning danish actor and storyteller, at Childrens Theater festivals abroad and at home. Takes the audiences rigth into the heart of Nordic Mythology


Dawda Jorbateh is an eminent Gambian-Danish muscian, famous on the world music scene for his mastery on the African string instrument the Kora. Dawda performs together with Moussa Diallo on the festival.

Kamini Ramachandran, Singapore

A pioneer and a unique voice in the Asian storytelling scene, Kamini performs, teaches, produces, directs and breathes all things storytelling. Through MoonShadow Stories she spearheaded performance storytelling for adult audiences in Singapore. A devoted artist educator, she nurtures emerging talents through her Young Storytellers Mentorship Programme. Kamini is also creative producer of StoryFest, the International Storytelling Festival Singapore. Her rich repertoire of Asian stories has taken her to castles in Belgium, ruins in Rome, sacred forests in Shillong, the cities of the Emirates ...

Photo: Silverfox Photography  

Vigga Bro

Vigga Bro er kendt og elsket rundt om i hele Danmark som historiefortæller og skuespiller. Hun åbner Internationale Fortælledage. Fortæller på dansk.

Celebrated Danish actress and storyteller Vigga Bro opens the Storytelling Days. Performing in danish at the festival. www.vigga.dk

Moussa Diallo, outstanding Malian-danish bassplayer, singer, composer and storyteller  Moussa grew up with storytelling in the childhood village and now shares his West African music and stories to the great delight of children in both Denmark and in Africa.

Abbi Patrix, France

Trained at the Drama School Jacques Lecoq in Paris, the French master storyteller Abbi Patrix has been exploring the art of storytelling for the past thirty years with his  Compagnie du Cercle.

On a permanent quest  for new ways and voices to enrich  the form of storytelling, his work unfolds on the cross roads of theatre, music, movement. Abbi Patirx has toured the  world - performing,

teaching, inspiring and is one of Europes most acclaimed storytellers.

Katsura Kaishi, Japan. Kaishi became a RAKUGO performer in Osaka, Japan in 1994 and started English Rakugo in 1997. He has won numerous awards and has performed all over the world. RAKUGO is a comic storytelling art that has been entertaining the Japanese for over 400 years. The Rakugo storyteller single-handedly creates the humorous side of traditional Japan, playing any number of characters such as Samurai, Geisha, Merchant, Burglar, Child or Drunkard, wearing kimono and sitting on a small cushion using only two small props: a Japanese fan and a hand towel.